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Forum: Has anyone reacted with shock at the Df teaser video showing a photographer sitting at a windy night campfire with dust, soot, embers and other stuff flying around? He does the one thing all serious photogs would never do: He removes the lens and starts blowing off his sensor!!!! WTF??? That's the filthiest environment to open a camera imaginable. Nikon what is your advertising department thinking? :(


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    Unbelievable. Sounds like some writer working for a Design firm that has NO understanding of photography.
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    It's an advertisement of the non-stick coating Nikon is now using on sensors, like in the D610 and Df. They really didn't fix the shutter at all, just made the sensor cover glass with a Teflon coating. Oh and it comes with a free can of Pam as well in case you wear off the coating (not needed with the D600 since the extra lube is put in right at the factory)
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    I never liked DF!!! I think Nikon should've been a limited run product.
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