Do You Use Non-Nikon Film Cameras?

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I was just curious, do you guys use other non-Nikon film cameras? I got a Canon Elan and a Mamiya DSX1000- both of which I have no batteries for. I left the batteries in the Mamiya... and then I forgot it and it ran itself dry. The Elan's got some crazy expensive CR123. It does have a set of Sigma kit zooms... but I don't know if I want to spend money on expensive batteries just to put a roll of film in it.

The Mamiya's pretty poorly built- it was left in a damp basement and some of the parts fell off, especially the self timer. The metal and plastic is a lot more flimsy than the FM2 I'm used to- that thing is a tank. The dials are pretty cheap too.


It'll be fun to discover what photos I took with the camera when I get around to putting fresh batteries in.
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    NSXTypeR you can get the batteries on line for a $1 each or in a store for 4 or 5 bucks,
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    Regrettably, after carrying two large aluminium cases of Olympus OM system around Africa on safari 20+ years ago, I sold the lot and bought an Olympus IS3000 all in one zoom SLR. Using P, A, S or M it got OK results, but it wasn't my OM1 or OM2. I just got sick of all the STUFF I was carrying.....
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    Let. It. Die.
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    It this question based off the survey? :D

    I used to use both my Minolta MD system (x700) and Canon FD system (canon-tx) but like squeamish I got tired of carrying around the 2 kits so I got a n8008 and later a n80 (I want a f5). What I loved about the canon TX was that it required no batteries...
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    Pentax Super ME, Olympus IS-50 (still one of the best all-in one camera's I ever have used.) Don't use either at all anymore. The Pentax is still one of the better film camera's I have had. Did have a Canon Elan IIe, that was a great camera - I do miss that one.

    I use 3 different Voigtlander rangefinders (R2 Olive, R2a Black, R2a Grey). Great cameras and IMO better than Leica for the price. I have a old Leica 90 f/4, Zeiss ZM 50 f2 and a Voigtlander 35 f/2.5. When I get a real desire to shoot film, I put a lens on each, load them with film and walk out the door and just pull a body from the bag. I really do like shooting with rangefinders and seeing the prices for the Leica M8s get me thinking of picking one of those up in the future.

    I also have a Polaroid Propack that I enjoy playing with and like to show kids what we used to have. Exposure is difficult and hard to get good at in limited light - but outdoor stuff works fairly well. It takes Fuji FP100 and FP3000BW so film is readily available for it and not too expensive.

    I have 2 FE2 bodies and a FG and N75.

    I'm getting ready to offload almost all of the film bodies (if I can get more than $50 each) just to clean up space. I'll probably keep 1 Voigtlander (withe the 50mm zeiss) and the Polaroid and 1 Fe2 that is it. I enjoy the process of shooting film, but don't like much else about it, it is expensive and if you have labs scan, they rarely do so well and you have to re-scan everything anyway. I came close to putting in a dark room for B&W but the cost and honestly, time it takes, I start to loose the enjoyment of it. Anymore I'm so use to the "Instant feedback" that I really miss not having it around.
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    Along the lines of this thread…shooting photos on film, I was so pleased to see a special on Henry Grossman on 60 Minutes the other night. The B & W images were so very powerful…and I realized he was doing all this with ISO (ASA) 400 at his disposal. He shot with a Nikon F at one point, but I think was with Canon later on.

    In any case, maybe this is the beauty of the film camera…we can concentrate on the image and not get so caught up in the multitude of technical stuff with the modern bodies. And, maybe this is why I sometimes grab shots in almost impossible situations, trying to just keep everything simple. Or, could this be why I like to shoot with prime lenses…places limits on what I shoot. Forces me to see the subject and do what I can with what I have. Who knows, but if I had some time I might start shooting with my old F bodies.

    Oh, I have a Calumet 4x5 view and Minolta Autocord….
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    Off to get some film for this weekend :-) ..
    Found my old GoPro Hero underwater film camera .. to use for this weekend's "Colour Run"..

    Moments of Light - D610 D7K S5pro 70-200f4 18-200 150f2.8 12-24 18-70 35-70f2.8 : C&C very welcome!
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    I still have fully functional minolta equipment - three bodies, lotsa lenses, etc. Just haven't taken any film photos for quite a while.
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    Hi all,

    In "Past tense", used... Koni Omega, Rollie Twin, F, F2, F3, F4, FE2, RB67 Pro, and a 5x7 Name forgotten It was hidden inside a 'bunny' (Camera in a Bunny - Some of the oldsters may have had their pictures taken at the studio)...

    Don't miss...

    My best.

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    I think not. Well ok, there is that Fuji-film Instax 100 camera in the bottom drawer of my dresser, but I have matured-grown up even, enough to trust and like Nikon products best.
    My Nikon FE is still perfectly functional and l think it continues to look rather new. As it should, after residing in it's classic faux leather case, all these many years later.

    I often fantasize about which camera body I will pursue next??? It will surely have an N fore and aft in it's title.

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