Medium Format to FX Adapters

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My neighbor uses Zork lens adapters to mount his medium format lenses on his Canon Cameras. Doe anybody have any experience doing this on Nikon cameras (with Zork or anybody else) and how are the results?
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    I have an adapter for my Hasselblad lenses that allows for tilt and swing movements, but overall the quality of older glass pales compared to similar focal lengths of modern lenses most of us already have. And because its a smaller crop of the image circle the widest lenses you are going to find are 50mm or 40mm, which are plenty wide on MF but turn into effectively the exact same 35mm focal length. And since you lose mechanical control of the lens you can't control the leaf shutter inside, so if you want to set a variable aperture you have to manually override it. A PITA if you ask me, especially compared to just shooting film with it instead. But compare that to shooting with a D800 and the expensive glass most of us shell out for so whimsically, and its utterly pointless.

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    Serves me right for listening to a Canon shooter.
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