70-200 VR1 - VR not working?

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Can someone who owns this lens give me a bit of help? I just bought a used VR1 and I don't think the VR is working. When I half press the shutter there is no noise (click whirr click!) like on my other VR lenses and the image doesn't stabilise in the viewfinder. Anyone able to offer any advice?

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    I know this is kind of obvious, but did you make sure that the VR switch is set to on?
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    Yes I did that thanks :) I've used many VR lenses before. :)
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    It's been a few years since I used the VRI, but should hear a the usual sound, but less so than consumer lenses. The VR on the lens isn't as effective as the VR2, but it should steady it for the most part once active. In fact you should be able to feel VR when holding the lens.
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    What body are you mounting the lens on? Make sure you using a shutter speed that will put the VR into effect. Did you test the lens out before you purchased it?

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    @Golf007sd VR will activate no matter what shutter speed you are using. Unless the lens is mounted on an older film body (F4, F90x) it should work.
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    Like PB_PM said the shutter speed doesn't matter. I have the 16-35 VR too and that makes a noise. Also, its obvious through the viewfinder when the VR is active, even at a wide angle, with a tele it should be even more obvious as shake is magnified.

    I didn't test it before I bought it, but the guy who sold it to me isn't hiding at all, he's actually a relatively well known photographer and seems like a nice chap. Just after opinions really. I'm mounting it on a D700 by the way, actually I've tried it on both my D700s

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    Should have mentioned he's in Wales and I'm in Glasgow, hence not testing it! :)
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    So, I've had a few instances on mine where this has happened. IIRC, I had to shut off camera, remove lens, mount another lens (test), shut off camera and remove other lens, turn off the VR switch on the 70-200, mount to camera, focus a few shots, turn off camera, turn on VR, turn on camera.

    Like I said, I *think* this is what I did and it is in the user manual for the 70-200 (filed under what to do when the camera is turned off while VR is active.)

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    Unfortunately no combination of stuff has made it work again :(
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    The stabilisation mechanism on the VR1 is quite loud. If it was working, you would hear it without any doubt. Both the clicks as the floating lens element locks and unlocks and the whirr when it spins up.
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    Did you inspect/clean the contacts on the lens?
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    Also inspect and clean the contacts on the camera body.
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