used D700 with 80K shutter for around $1000?

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Im considering getting a used nikon D700 with 80K shutter for around $1000

My thought process is that i can buy one with a lot less for the $1500-$1800 range but im thinking that chances are highly unlikely that anything will happen to the camera for some time as is, and even if it did, the difference in savings will cover all (if not most) out-of-warranty costs a couple months/year or further down the line.

What do you guys think? should i just invest more now or take my chances?



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    Well it was tested to 150,000 shutter actuations. So how many pictures do you take a week?
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    A camera shutter can die at any time, so there are no guarantees whether it has 1000 actions or 80k. It all comes down to how much you are willing to spend.
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  • realizedrealized Posts: 8Member
    i put 60K on my D300s in 2 years so lets say 30K/year for me..

    to my understanding a shutter is around $400-450 (from a google search) which would still put me under the price of D700 with a low shutter count on ebay ($1500+) assuming thats the only thing that is likely to go bad, i think its a good deal to cross my fingers and take the plunge...

    what would YOU do? =)

    what i haven't considered though is other things that could go wrong.. sensor cleaning , AF focus problems/calibration, etc etc...


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    At this point in time I wouldn't buy a D700 regardless of the price, but that doesn't answer your question does it? :D

    If you are shooting 30k a year you could still get two or three years out of that D700, if it holds out to 150,000. It could easily go beyond that number or fail well before though. We cannot predict how that camera has been treated. A camera that has been thrashed around a lot, and never been in for service could die at any time. On the other hand if it has been in for regular checkups and has been treated with a little respect, it could be fine for many years.
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    I got mine for $1100 last spring because I needed an fx body. Still works great had over 100k actuations on it....

    I considered it a deal. I cannot afford a D4 so I am saving up for one. Instead of dumping 2k into a D600 which I would have hated I saved 1K by getting a more pro body, older and a lesser sensor but more pro as an overall tool. Now I have 1K more for a D4 and a camera I am proud to own...

    If you are hoping it will be better in low light than my D7000.... No not at all. Just about equal
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    Mine's done at least 250k on the one shutter.

    Great camera, well worth the $1000.
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    A D700 is still a very good camera. There is no way to tell when a camera is going to fail. My used D700 with less than 7000 cliks on it needed a major repair due to bad battry - Battery fryed the camera. It was a Nikon battery BTW. Cost of repair was a little more than $1K. I got it fixed. Money well spent IMO.
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    I just saw B&H had refurbished D700 but don't remember the price. Their good cameras.

    I also agree with PB_PM. I would pass on buying a D700...then I read your last message you want to buy used to save money for the D4. Can't argue with that approach.
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