Third Party Flash/Speedlite for D3200



  • GarryGarry Posts: 3Member
    Ms moto
    Thanks for your comments
    A nikon 910 bit expensive looking to spend up to £100
    Any ideas?
  • PistnbrokePistnbroke Posts: 2,434Member
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    Meike MK 300 isyour best bet at about $60 about £45 I use two for my wedding photography and never had any problems dont want a great big hammerhead casting terrible shadows ..small flash close to the lens is the way to go ..I have been shooting 50 weddings a year for the last few years so clearly I dont know what I am taking about.
    Buy from a UK source or you may get customs duty ..try

    do not buy the Jessops 360 thing or the sunpak 2000 equivalent of the SB400 both horrible

    If you want off camera the only way to go is the YN 622N at about £25 each need two and dont need the latest YN622 TX N
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  • TaoTeJaredTaoTeJared Posts: 1,306Member
    I'm always more for a "traditional" designed flash. Starting out, make sure it has i-TTL and CLS compatible. One of the reason to get Nikon is for the flash controol built in. A SB-700 would be ideal but that seems to be out of your price range. Yongnuo has some good options. I have a post above in the thread with some really cheap options that should be available in your area (at least 1 of them.)

    One thing to keep in mind is that you DO get what you pay for with flashes. The cheaper they are, the worse performing they are. Color shifts, bulbs going out, much lower power, lack CLS or even basic TTL.
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  • Benji2505Benji2505 Posts: 522Member
    As for the trigger: Your pop-up flash should be able to control the off-camera flashes. You can turn off the pop-up and still control the off-camera flashes. It is a bit unreliable in bright sunlight situations, but it does the trick in many cases.
  • GarryGarry Posts: 3Member
    Thanks guys I'll look for a 700
  • MarcusMarcus Posts: 7Member
    Just an update I was offered and purchased 3 Nissin Di700 at a total $635/£390
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