D800 mirror gets stuck and viewfinder becomes blurred

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Does anyone else have this problem? Intermittently the mirror on my D800 does not go back properly. This means when you look through the viewfinder it is darker at the top of the frame and the image is blurred. After taking several pictures the mirror returns, however it then messes up again, this time when looking through the viewfinder the focus is really strange like using a shift lens. The camera has been sent back to Nikon twice, first time they could not find anything wrong and the second time they blamed it on the batteries. The problem is now occuring on every job I do and I can't rely on the camera. Has anyone else had this problem and do you know what to try?


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    The D800 has a few modes that might cause what you think is an issue.
    First there is Mup, which is located next to the other release modes (timer, single release, continuous low speed release, continuous high speed release).
    In Mup mode the mirror goes up the first time that you push the shutter. The second time that you press the shutter the curtain opens, the sensor gets the exposure and the mirror moves down again.
    This mode exists to use on a tripod so you can wait until the small vibrations from the mirror going up are gone before you make the exposure. (For when you want the image to be as sharp as possible)
    But if you're in this mode without knowing then you might think that the mirror is stuck.
    The second cause of such behavior might be exposure delay. Somewhere in the setting menu you can configure the D800 so that it waits a few seconds after the mirror goes up before making the exposure.
    The reason for this is the same as with the Mup mode; to wait until all the vibrations are gone.

    Do you have the same issue when you use live view?

    I would suggest that you check if it's not one of the above issues.
    Then you can do a reset of the camera and return everything to the original factory settings.

    One last (unlikely?) idea. Are you using 3rd party gear?
    I guess a cheep Chinese knockoff battery grip or imitation battery might cause issues.

    I myself have never had any problem with my D800. As far as I'm concerned it's the best camera I have ever owned and/or used.
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    Hi John, thanks for your suggestions but it isn't due to any you have suggested. So far I have never used Mup or the shutter delay. The problem occurs randomly whilst shooting. After taking a photograph the mirror doesn't return fully, thus making the viewfinder either dark at the top (abit like a coken graduated filter) or blurred like a shift lens effect. The two suggestions you made would not make the mirror act like it is doing.
    Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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    Yes, my suggestions would never result in the mirror not fully returning.
    My best guess would be some issue with the mirror mechanism.
    Could it be dirt inside your mirror box (like a few grains of sand at a critical location causing friction)?
    Very strange...
    I hope Nikon is able to fix it or just replaces your camera.
    My advise would be to send it back with a detailed description of the problem; including the fact that the mirror does return but not all the way.
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    My D800 does the same thing. Happened only a handfull of times over the last few months. But its annoying for a $3k body. And I've had it for almost two years. How long have you had yours? Maybe it was a batch that was bad...
    Have you made any progress?
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    When it sticks take the lens off and take a photo of the half up mirror and send that with it to Nikon.
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    It happened again this morning with my 16-35 attached....

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    Nikon D800

    Hi guys, I am having a fight with Nikon since a couple of month now since my mirror got stucked upwards in a middle of a shooting. After that Nikon send me a mail and told me to send them the camera I have been in a fight with them. I did send them my D800 and one week later they told me that I have been dropping my camera so hard that the house is dammage and beyond repair.
    Since then I have been in a fight with Nikon. I have never dropt the camera. I have been using Nikon and diferent Nikon models for 10 years without having a scratch on them and never had problems with other Nikon models. Now when Nikon totally changed the construction on the mirror this is happening to me.
    The camera is from 2012 and 30.000 shutter count. The camera is nearly brand new.... So if any of you out there having or had this issue and had a fight with Nikon... let me know. For the moment I have send a complain to Nikon Euope and will go futher up if needed. Oh,, I am living in Sweden if someone wonder why I send my complain to Nikon Europe.
    (The camera or any of my lenses have no damage mark what so ever. Using Pro lenses as: Nikon 14-24, 24-70 and 70-200. Not even a slightly scratches. All equippment is in top conditions.)
    Pro photographers/asossiates I am working with daily can confirm my care with my camera equipment.

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    Please see the other post " beyond economic repair" on the same problem with solution..cracked chassis due to using tripod.....oops
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    Im having the same problem with my 810. Started today. All pro lenses, did everything forums told me to do. Mirror is stuck the same way. Now need to rent another one plus send mine back. If freaks me out to read what Gaston said. I never dropped it either so Im not going to be happy if Nikon tells me that. Ill make a huge deal if they screw me!
  • PistnbrokePistnbroke Posts: 2,410Member
    Chassis is not the same on a D810 so don't give up yet ...but let us know what happens. Welcome .
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