Lens Recommendation for D7100 for Arena/Club concert photography?

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Hey Guys

New here, but figured I would ask a question. I recently upgraded to the D7100 from a D80, but I need a new lens for it as I purchased body only. I primarily shoot in large scale concerts in arenas or stadiums, so I need one with decent zoom as I sometimes shoot from the soundboard in back. I wanted a nikor lens primarily, and only wanted one "multi-purpose" lens for under 1000. Any recommendations?

I was thinking about the Nikor 18-200 3.5-5.6. Anyone have an experience with this lens?


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    Besides the 18-200mm, check out the 70-300mm. A used 85mm would be an excellent prime lens but if you want a zoom, look for the an older used 70-200mm F/2.8 lens.

    There are good used alternatives, so don't over look them.
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    The 18-300 would be better for concerts on the long end. I like (and own) the 70-300, you cant go wrong there.
  • The 18-300 would be better for concerts on the long end. I like (and own) the 70-300, you cant go wrong there.
    Is this the one you are talking about?
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    Yes, that's the 70-300VR.

    I think the 18-200 is the best choice for you as a minimum focal length of 70mm would be quite limiting.
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    If you don't need the wide angle. You should look at the 80-200mm 2.8. It is over ten years old but still in Nikon's lineup and has survived this long because it is very good. As such, it is $1,000 - $1,200 depending on whether you are in US/Canada.

    You will want to consider that 2.8 might be the minimum f-ratio that you need as concerts often have challenging light conditions and flash is not an option. A wide to long all purpose zoom may be challenged in this area.
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    With the great low light capability of the D7100, the 18-200mm VR II would be a great choice. It's my most used lens and it fits well within your budget. And to get extra reach use the 1.3 crop, effectively giving you a 400mm view.
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