D7000 - Overexposed video?

wardyadamwardyadam Posts: 3Member
edited December 2013 in D90/D7x00
Hey Guys, New here so go gentle!

Use my D7000 for all my Photography, flawless! no problems atall.
When I go to videoing, as soon as I place my self outside (usally woods for MTB), all my shots appear over exposed, not fully white shots, but all the edges of objects, leaves, trees ect are very white and outlined. Inside it sees to be fine. - You can see it here in one of my videos, wind onto about halfway when it goes outside. http://www.pinkbike.com/video/341915/

Is this me? or the camera?
If so, please any advise/tips on what to do to get best colour and exposure with videoing outside, low and high lights?



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