re-packaging the Nikon Df in D700 body with Video?

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I have read items on various websites referring to the Df as "almost" the D700 replacement. Would there be a possibility that Nikon could re-package the innards of the Df in a D700 like body but with video.
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    Companies such as Nikon, have research and development teams that do nothing but CAD.

    They love to come up with new, better, best, and continue to improve upon them.

    There is no need take three steps forward and one step back. In my opinion...
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    They love to come up with new, better, best, and continue to improve upon them.
    The DF was definitely inspired to be "new". Hardly anyone produces the best anymore because in order to produce the best it takes a risk most large companies are not willing to make.

    That being said there is little to no possibility to package a DF as a D700. A more practical approach would be to put a DF/D4 sensor in a D800 and up the buffer/FPS. While that is what many of us want. Will that happen? No. There is zero chance of that now that the DF exists. I did like a statement thom hogan made regarding the cameras. If Nikon was smarter they would have packaged the D800 specs in the DF as it is more of a resolution camera and made a Mini D4 in the body style of the D800 which would have got a larger market not only capturing the current market but getting photogs like me who only see a D4 as a possibility to upgrade to...

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    I don't think Nikon will make two mini D4 cameras. They came out with Df but should have come out with a mini D4 in a D800 body.

    After handling a Df I must say I see no benefit to the new controls. D800 controls work much faster. I do admit that Df looks good and so will you if you buy one :-)
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