can lenses cause shooting problems?

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I recently sent my D7100 in for exchange because it was only giving me 4 of 5 bracketed photos on a few shots, and also it started shooting more than once during long exposures. My wife just asked me if I was using the same lens during those shots, and I was in fact using my 35mm 1.8.

So, is it possible that the lens is causing the issue? Has anyone else ever had a lens do that?

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    Me neither. Check settings carefully to make sure it's not human inspired. One of the things that was documented on my recent D800 fix was " CHK Communication " but I've no clue if your 35 1.8 is altering anything communication wise.
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    I really can't imagine any lens-camera communication snafu that would cause this.

    However, I would listen to your wife, and try to duplicate the problem with other lenses.

    If the problem never occurs with other lenses but only with this one lens, you might need to hire an exorcist. :)
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    Did you know that for long exposures the camera will take a second shot of the same length of a dark frame for noise reduction? That is likely what you are seeing. Also the 4 out of 5 bracketing may be due to you "running out of room" either in aperture or speed. I suspect pilot error :-)
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    Lol I actually had an 80-200mm that did that It was really Sticky at the lever I found out and would sometimes stick giving me random exposures. It took me weeks to figure it out and when I did I was quite surprised Apparently if the area with the mount those old hard cases loses its pad it just has an exposed ring of glue.

    Could be dirty contacts on the lenses

    At least lenses dont fall out of them like my 14-24mm did with its cheapo case...
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    Well, I don't know if it is related to or not... Was on a family vacation this summer. For the first time, I put my 50mm f1.8 on my wife's D5000. The camera died 10 shots later . ( LCD screen gone/ internal card etc - $179+tax to fix ).
    Nikon said it was "impact" damage . When I said it hadn't been dropped or anything, they said they saw signs of an impact in the lens mounting on the body.

    No problem with the 50mm on D300 by the way. It probably just was a coincidence - camera dying after putting on a lens never used on that camera before - but wanted to mention when tiCreativeMedia opened the subject. One also keeps thinking that the 50mm f1.8 is a very tight mount - maybe too tight !
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    i would say coincedence but my d7000 shutter froze the two times i put a heavy lens on it 17-55 2.8 and 150mm 2.8. before and after i used the 50mm and 35mm dx and no issues. Shutter was replaced and I used the 150mm afterwards. nikon couldn't say it was impact damage because well the shutter was stuck closed.
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    well apparently they found something, because they're sending me a new camera this week. Hopefully I'll be all set since I'm about to spend everything in my piggy bank on glass.
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    good to hear. enjoy your replacement.
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    I don't know what subject you are bracketing and I am not D7100 knowledgeable, but there are settings that can determine that the frame does not get shot if it is not in focus. I can turn that off in my Nikon. Just a thought. Maybe the AF of this lens was too slow for your application.
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