D3xxx and D5xxx lens compatibility for Auto focus

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I am a newbie to photography and am wanting to upgrade my camera. Currently have d3100 and considering d5300. I realize not a huge jump, but can't afford much more than that at this time. QUestion I have is regarding one of the lenses I have purchased...nikkor af 50 1.8. If I get the 5300, will the autofocus function be enabled? I am really struggling with the manual focus still and missing a lot of shot opportunities with my kids.
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    No, I don't think.

    In general, if a lens doesn't AF on D3100 (more broadly, D3000-series) , it won't on D5300 (more broadly, D5000-series) either.

    Free advice is usually worth what you pay for it, but here's mine: keep the D3100, buy a lens that will AF on it.
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    Welcome to the forum meg: The short answer - If your 50 1.8 does not work on your D3100 it won't work on a D5300. In the Nikon world there is two kinds of auto focus systems - there is AF and there is AFS. Only AFS lenses will work on a D5300
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    BTW. It is way cheaper to upgrade to a AFS 50 1.8 lens than to upgrade your camera if all you want is AF to work.
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    I would get the 35mm f/1.8 AF-S DX lens. $200 best value lens you'll ever buy for a DXXXX body.
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    I would get the 35mm f/1.8 AF-S DX lens. $200 best value lens you'll ever buy for a DXXXX body.
    I had that lens and I agree. Great value.
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    Meg, remember that the 35mm lens on your D3100 is equivalent to a 52.5mm. A 50mm in the film days was a normal lens so that 35mm lens is a better lens than the 50mm lens.

    I agree with Ironheart and Vipmedistar that the 35mm 1.8 is a great prime lens and a better option than the 50mm.

    FYI, you got to move the D7100 to have a built in motor in the body to drive those non AIS lens.
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    As said...no it won't focus. I think both the 35 and 50 F1.8G are gems and cheap. I wouldn't bother with the older versions. Get a refurbished if you need to save some money...not sure what they are going for now or if it is worth it.
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