The Fastest Lens Ever Made for Mirrorless -- IBELUX 40mm f0.85

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Well for all those that have mirrorless cameras, namely a Sony NEX, Fuji X, Canon EOS M and Micr, would you be willing to get this lens? Not having a mirroless body, I find this, if the performance holds true...very promising. What are your thoughts on the new company not offering it for a Nikon mount, lens design and pricing structure?

Handevision IBELUX 40mm f0.85 high -- Companies Announcement & Sample Images Perspective
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    It's ridiculous. Who's buying a neat little mirrorless body to then put a $2K, MF, 1.1 kg lens on it to get an effective 80mm f/1.7?

    I guess the mirror precludes f-mount?
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    shawnino, if you mount it on the Sony, Fuji, or Canon, you get the equivalent of 60mm f/1.275.
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    Be still, my beating heart! Of course, I understand not everyone shares my tastes :)

    Maybe I'm living under a rock, but I don't know anybody who shoots the Canon mirrorless product. As to the people I know who shoot Fuji X/Sony NEX, they like them because they have great sensors, are small and light, and the top-quality lenses don't cost $2K. The IQ from this company may be good, who knows. (At $2K, it better be.) But, really: a 1.1 kg prime lens that doesn't have AF? When the Zeiss Touits that weigh a quarter of that actually AF were getting grief for $1,000-ish prices?

    I totally "get" the Otus experiment on FX. I understand who will buy the Otus. This lens, I have no idea who buys it. I guess we'll live and see.
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    I think that it is an interesting competitive pressure. Good to keep Nikon on their toes so they keep feeding us our favorite toys.
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    @jshickele: I hope you're right, but as long as Nikon stays with CX as its only mirrorless option, our choices will, I fear, always be limited. None of the third-party lens makers seem interested in CX. I don't have anything against the 1-series myself, but I wish Sigma, Zeiss, these newboys, etc. shared my enthusiasm.
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    I think it's Nikon that's so far refusing to license Nikon 1-mount details to third parties.

    Sigma is interested in making Nikon 1 lenses and Tamron has patented a few designs for CX-sized lenses.
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    Considering that Nikon refuses to license the F mount details that is no surprise.
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