Strange issues with new D7100

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I just (18 Dec 2013) bought the Nikon D7100 camera (KIT with 18-105 lens). I bought it while being at vacation abroad, in Austria, Vienna at Saturn store. I did not had a chance to check it deeply as it was last day and i was hurry to airport (what a mistake to buy at last day), so when came home and unpack i discovered two problems:
1) Flash is not fired. No error, it opens automatically but when shoot is taken there is no flash. On the image playback, after shoot is taken, info shows that flash was fired.
2) Another strange issue is that whenever i select not auto mode on dial (S, P, A, M any mode with is not Auto) it still taking shoot at auto mode, also it display in upper screen and in Info that mode is still Auto, regardless the mode dial is set in different position.

I tried everything: looking at Google different forums, reset to default settings, format card, update firmware (same version though, as camera was with up-to-day firmware 1.0.)1, I even tried different lens. Nothing helps. I have Nikon experienced friend which played with the camera too and also nothing found.

I can of course getting warranty, but it little complicated as i bought it abroad, and i have to now ship this somewhere, i even do not known where yet, so i believe it is complicated and long term process, so i hoped that might be someone have an advice.


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    Does flash work in other modes - when you open it yourself and shoot manual for example ?
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    I am sorry to read of your troubles.

    What firmware version is on it?
    (This is a shot in the dark--I don't know how many updates there have been if any.)
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    Have you read pp. 119-123 of the manual? And it may be worthwhile to simply set the camera on each of the different settings and try it….e.g., Auto, Auto+slow sync+red eye reduction, Fill flash, Auto+red eye reduction, Auto+slow sync. Do this in the various modes, especially in P, A, and S, M as possible. Finally, set camera to M (manual), shutter speed 1/160th sec, f/4, ISO 200, Flash on Fill, and go into a darkened room and shoot some images. If flash fails to fire, I suspect there is a problem which will require service to repair.

    Oh, you have removed the battery and made certain it is fully charged, correct?
    Msmoto, mod
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    @PavelRe, take a look at pages 8-10 in the manual. The word "auto" on both displays (top and back) is used to indicate auto-ISO, auto flash, and/or auto white balance. The shooting mode (P S A M) is indicated at the upper left of of the info display (on the back) by a single capital letter (P S A M). This is labeled as #1 on the figure on page 10, the page titled "The Information Display". As you rotate the shooting mode dial you should see this letter change.

    Might I humbly suggest you go to a photography shop and pick up a tutorial for your camera, consult the Nikon web pages and the digitutor? These cameras are wonderful pieces of engineering, but have about 10,000 different combinations of settings which may or may not produce desired results :-)

    Oh, and please follow Msmoto's advice on your flash, spot on.
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    Thanks guys for prompt responses. I tried all you suggestion already no luck. I tried flash in any modes but this behave like Auto, regardless which position at Mode Dial i set, it works as Auto Mode, mean i cannot change shutter speed when I at Manual Mode and etc. It even shows as Auto Mode in "Information Display" at back display in upper left corner with the icon of Auto. When I rotate the mode dial, nothing changes on that display. I can turn off flash, in this case it will raise ISO automatically, and i can change ISO modes as well. But not the Mode Dial. I thought i am crazy, it not working to me, and i am doing something wrong. This the reason i took it to my friend who is experienced with D200 and D300. He concluded as well that this is probably defect in camera. We went through manual several times, and we force updated firmware, to 1.01, even though it was updated already. Yes, i did charge full battery. Yes, we did "default factory reset" by 3 different steps. Anyway I got response from Nikon site, and they suggested to take it to repair shop. They give me address, and official one, and this is what i am going to do tomorrow.
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    I don't see any other option.
    Please let us know how you go.
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    When you take it to the shop, talk to a Technician and show them what you think is a fault - if anybody can recognise a fault from simple finger trouble they can.
    Always learning.
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    Thanks. I took it today to lab. 150km drive from home. Unfortunately the technical guy was not there, so I gave it to reception clerk. She checked the camera herself and saw the problems, but she has nothing to say, in regard if this might be setup / configuration issues. She said it will take 10 working days, and they fix in the place, if needed, due they are official lab of Nikon. Hope this will take less.
  • I probably will just send it to Nikon repair but this problem is not consistent so I'm concerned that they will never see it. The problem with the D7100 with vertical grip is that when I'm shooting on a long shoot (3 hrs) or in cooler (around 45 degree F) outdoor setting, the menu button and the play button stop working. The camera shoots seemingly fine but you can't see any photos on the lcd nor can you bring up the menu system which makes changing settings very difficult (unless it is by dials).

    Has anyone ever experienced this problem? I hate to lose the use of the camera - it is my only APS-C Nikon camera.
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    Grip problems are often down to the connection between body and grip. Assuming yours doesn't have dust or fluff in it, the Service Centre will probably change it so you will need to give them the body and grip together to get the problem resolved.
    Always learning.
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    So, i got my camera back from repair shop. It fixed. I insisted to speak with technical guy who handled this case and he said it was simple matter of cleanup "contacts". When i ask which contacts exactly and if this happened in past, he did not have concrete answer. Anyway it works, i stayed in shop half hour and played with any function i know and it functioned. Thanks you all, who were so kind and try to help.
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    Great you got it back and it's working. Get out there and take pictures.
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