D600/610 Question: does the D610 have the greenish tint in the LCD? Can it be fixed on the D600?

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I was lucky enough to get a new D600 on Tuesday and its looking good so far with three concerns.

1) The LCD screen exhibits the greenish tint that the D800 and other D600 owner's complained of in the past. Is this something that Nikon can correct on the D600, like it was be corrected on the D800? (either through service or firmware). Do ALL D600's have this?

Does anyone know if the D610 has the same greenish tint? Out of the box?

2) The camera backfocuses just a tad bit, but enough for me to want it to be zeroed out through servicing..

3) No oil splatter issue yet (new camera) but it did come from the factory with a lot of dust already in camera.

At the moment, I'm trying to decide to keep the D600 if all three are non-issues or change to the D610 if the issues cannot be fixed and are not issues for the D610.

Your feedback?


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