Cleaned pentaprism on D4...Did i do anything wrong?

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I wanted to clean the surface under my viewfinder pentaprism so i unpinned and removed it but then i by accident removed the protecting pin that holds the pentaprism out of it's place:( put it back on and continued cleaning with a micro-fiber cloth and then with a blower.Camera still works but is what i did bad for my D4? And also is Giotto alcohol and ammonia free liquid ok to use for sensor cleaning with swabs?
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    If everything works, I suppose you were lucky. But, disassembling the pentaprism may affect the ability of the focusing system to work accurately. You will have to find out by testing it out.

    And, you must have a heck of a lot of courage….or…..

    In any case, welcome to NRF
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  • Thank you.
    It works but how do i test the accuracy of focusing?
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    I would bring it to Nikon for a check-up.

    I had some dust on my pentaprism for almost a year. Nikon recommended to only clean it, when the camera is due for a repair and needs to be dismantled anyhow. Gets to show, that it seems to be a rather delicate operation.

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    If the camera is under warranty you may have invalidated your warranty,It clearly states that any work done to any Nikon product by unauthorised persons invalidates the warranty.Dependant on the country, Nikon can be very strict about this condition.
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    Just a note to ad that Nikon do not invalidate the entire warranty, they just charge you for any work and parts related to damage you did while fiddling with the camera. Anything unrelated is still under warranty for the duration of the warranty period, as is the work they did and the parts they replaced that they charged you for once they have charged you for it.

    That's not unreasonable really.
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    Thank you for the clear and sufficient reply.
    I have a very last question about weather there is a way to know if the pin has been put back in place in the right way. By right way i mean the right pin points in the right holes in the frame that houses the pentaprism. And if i wouldn’t have placed it right then would the camera not function properly as it now does?
    The pin is shaped in an uneven matter so that a specialist would tell it’s right from left. Please help me to resolve that
    as i just got my D4 2-3 months ago and i wouldn’t want to part with the machine before i sent it for it’s annual service. What i mean is there is a zig-zag shape on the top side of the pin a little to the right -or should it be to the left( that shape helps unlock it using your finger nail). And also should the little rectangular tip on the pentaprism be on the right or left? (the pentaprism glass has a rectangular shape with a small rectangular tip to the side) this is to know whether i have put it back not upside down-when the tip is on the right the oval shape is up and the flat surface is what i am looking at-is that how it should be? Zig-zag shape on pin to the right and pentaprism tip to the right as you look down in the camera?( that is holding the camera as we hold it for a landscape shot.
    Please clarify and forgive my ignorance.
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    If you can see the part you are talking about, get another camera and photograph it, then post that picture here so that one of the people with a D4 can compare it to theirs. There are instructions for posting pictures on the front page.
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