CPL and UV filters price, when do they start being any good?

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I thought shopping for filters would be easier haha.. I'm living for a couple months by a lake (south lake Tahoe if it matters) and I've been recommended to adquire a CPL filter to cut the glare off the snow and water and to also make the sky darker blue (amazing view from here). I've also been told that I should buy some UV filters to protect the lenses.

The thing is you can see filters for as low as 10 bucks and go as high as a hundred dollars each. So, what's is the price range at which filters are any good and don't distort the image too much?

I need a 67mm CPL filter, a 67mm UV and 77mm UV filters.. So what would you recommend?


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    I'm a believer in the best quality filter you can afford. For me, I use B&W filters. They're very high quality glass with multi-layer coatings to reduce flare. Don't put a cheap filter on a good lens as your pictures won't be any better than the weakest link in your optic chain. My CPL cost about $70 and my UV filters about $40, depending on mm size.
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    I haven't found B&W's for that price on Amazon. Can you share some links if it's not a lot of trouble?
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    There are multiple topics on filters. Thus, this topic is being closed.

    Please read the following topics:

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    It timing is not an issue then let eBay be your friend.

    Lastly, consider getting "step-up rings" and just get a 77mm CPL or ND filters for a great majority of your tasks. However, with respect to UV filter, you should get one for all your lenses.
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