Lee SW-150 System For Other Nikkors Not Just 14-24

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First off, I tried entering this question under the old SW-150 question from a few months ago titled ND Filters and White Balance, but got nowhere so I decided to run it under this title. Skintbrit I'd love to hear from you because I know you've had the Sw-150 for over a year now.

I just need to confirm something regarding this Lee SW-150 system. I have ordered the Singh Ray 6x6 Daryl Benson reverse filter, and 10 stop Hitech ND filter already to use for this Lee System on a 14-24 Nikkor. So if I understand correctly, I need to purchase the system adapter from Lee and a 77mm wide angle adapter ring in order to use the SW-150 on other wide 77mm nikon lenses? Has anyone else used the SW-150 on another lens and if so are these the only 2 additional items (system adapter + wide angle adapter ring) you needed? I ask because I do not have the 100mm Lee system. Thanks, and Happy New Year to everyone :)

- See more at: http://forum.nikonrumors.com/discussion/202/nd-filters-and-white-balance#Item_28
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