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What I am Missing now with my D800 when I shoot video. (i'm only using my D800 for video shooting)

1) 10bit out instead of 8bit on the HDMI output. (better for post/colorgrading)
2) HD/SDI out instead of HDMI (HDMI is a poor consumer standard that doesn't Work prober in the field)
3) some kind of "Auto IRIS" (you can't controle the aperture when shoting with ex. steadycam)
4) Some kind of "Video always OUT" (instead of have to push the LiveView button Again and Again)
5) Ext. power input, (so you can use a V-Mount or Antonbauer 12-14 volt Battery, that all the other stuff on the rig uses)


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    I can agree with some of the things you mention here, although I do not shoot nearly that much that these factors become irritating/start missing them.

    I think we will see these features in the next series of DSLRs from Nikon and Canon. The D800 and the 5D mkiii were really the first DSLRs were Nikon and Canon really put some effort into the video part of the camera. I feel that we might see some DSLRs that are more leaned over to video shooters, like Panasonic recently did with their GH3. If Nikon really goes for the video market is still unknown, but they did a great job with the D800.
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    All the video that I've shot so far has been with controlled lighting so I can't speak to the need for changing aperture while recording. That said, can't you change aperture with a cine lens even on Nikon? Not sure since I don't own a cine lens, yet... I don't have enough experience editing video to address your concerns (No. 1 and 2) with output. I really need to learn this important part of the video process. I can agree with the need for external power input. I have a Cinevate rig and would really like to have more power options rather than having to change the camera battery. Maybe these concerns will be addressed in the next upgrade. We can hope.
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    #3 is a supported feature. From page 321 in the manual:
    g1: assign Fn button: Aperture widens while the button is pressed. Use in combination with Custom Setting g2 (Assign preview button) > Power aperture (close) for button-controlled aperture adjustment.
    Also, you may want to try auto-ISO instead as it will be much smoother...

    Have you tried this for #4?
    In the custom shooting menu set c4 (live view timeout) to "no limit" (page 292 in the manual)

    Also from page 69 in the D800 manual:
    Remote Cords
    If Record movies is selected for Custom Setting g4 (Assign shutter
    button, page 324), the shutter-release buttons on optional remote cords (page 390) can be used to start movie live view and to start and end movie recording.

    #5 is easily solved:

    Even though it says these are for the D7000, it's the same battery as the D800. I've checked with quantum and they support the D800 in this config. Once you have the cables and pinouts, I think you can make this work with any other battery pack.

    See more at: http://forum.nikonrumors.com/discussion/comment/37604#Comment_37604

    This is worth a read as well: http://www.bythom.com/hdmivideo.htm
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    #5 Use the external power supply for the D800. I sure there is some DYI way of hooking that power supply to a battery.
    If I take a good photo it's not my camera's fault.
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    Yeah , PB I used to do that too, but the three conversions of power bugged me. The above solution uses the Nikon battery eliminator, but then rather than connecting it to the Nikon power supply, connects instead to a conversion cable that connects to a strobe battery.
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    How about:

    - Focus tools like focus peaking and edge monitor (a la Canon)
    - Exposure tools including dual zebras, false color mode, WFM
    - Color tools like a vectorscope
    - Cinematic crop marks, e.g., 1.85:1 and 2.35:1
    - Built-in ND filters
    - 120 fps (ok, I'll settle for 60 fps a la the D5300)
    - Alternate gammas, e.g., log gamma, and flat picture profiles (requires 10-bit out)

    Pipe dreams:

    - Power zoom and stepper motor support
    - Genlock
    - Timecode sync
    - Dedicated monitor jack
    - XLR inputs
    - RAW (ok I can dream)

    (I guess at some point it's better to just purchase a real video camera)
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    Yeah, just get a RED and at least you can stick your Nikkor lenses on it :-)
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    / Ironheart

    Yes it is supported in the theory, but its not functional in real life.
    the shift is smother, but still in hard steps and you can see the shifts.
    second downside is you have to push the function buttons, and
    that is not good because the position of these buttons are
    realy bad and when you doing steady shots like on a steadycam
    or on a dolly, you don't want the camera to shake when you push
    these buttons.
    I realy miss the auto iris like on a Video camera.

    Yes I have tried that and I have used that "no limit" since I got the camera,
    but it is VERY sensetive, meaning that if the HDMI plug is loosing conection for just a split second, the D800 goes black.
    also if the HDMI out sometimes goes black 3, 4 times before accepting the monitor that is connected to kamera.
    (or it is because of the HDMI plug standard is so bad, HDMI should ONLY be used on TV’s, NOT on equipment you have move around;-)

    -- Page 69 in the D800 manual I have to study in dept, thanks for that note ;-)

    But in my case I'm not recording in the camera, but on a ext. harddisk recorder (PIX220 (great recorder btw))

    I also bought the Nikon EP_5B_PowerSuply but it did'nt startup, so maybe my piece of equepment was broke
    or I put a wrong voltage in to it. (Now I have ordered a new one.)

    -- for the Quantum Instruments, its look like a good solution, but I already have invested in
    Anton Bauers 12-15 volt profesional video solution called "GoldMount"
    because I have to power a Monitor, a harddisk recorder, the D800, and 2x Microports micro recievers.

    But thank you very much for looking in to it

    / Ade

    # 1 to 4 = all these features you can have easily if you record on a harddisk, like the PIX220
    or any other HHD rec.

    # more frames per second, YES I forgot that will be great, in the first place I will be happy for just 1080/50fps.
    # 10 bit out is a must, if you want to color grading properly

    # and YES I also forgot TIMECODE ;-)

    Not all, but a lot of these things are easily implemented, If Nikon want to go for the Pro-marked, a lot of it are software stuff to change.
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