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Does anyone know how long it will take to get the D5200 if I pre-order it? I'm going on a trip Feb 9th and would like to have it before then. I've never pre-ordered a camera before. I was going to buy the D3200 but like the flip out screen on the 5200. They seem to be comparable cameras as far as picture quality (?)


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    It should be all-over-the-place within a week. I don't think there's usually a need to pre-order consumer bodies.Nikon usually has lots at launch.

    No clue about quality vis-a-vis the 3200. I'm not in the market for a body, but if I was I'd be more interested in comparison to the 5100, which is substantially cheaper and has an amazing sensor. The 5200 would have to be very special to talk me out of a 5100.
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    Why preorder it when you can get it now! I've had the d5200 for almost 3 weeks now. Its been avaliable in other countries for a month now.

    I ordered it from digitalrev.com on dec 18th and got it in my hands on dec 21st, not bad for being shipped from china! (I live in wisconsin)
    Heres the link where you can buy it:
    this link is actually posted on the main nikonrumors page a few weeks ago.

    Loving the 5200 so far!
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    @blogic12: I buy from DR all the time and think they're fine. That said, I know some people might be more comfortable buying from a local retailer where they can drop the camera off if it malfunctions. DR's warranty policy looks great on paper; thankfully I've never had to actually use it.
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    Thanks for the tip (I'm in MN) - good to know! I would like to buy from a small local store that I really like, but I also want the camera sooner than later.
    I'm curious what the big difference is between the 5100 & 5200 to make it a few hundred $ more? (I'm a novice, sorry) I originally set out to buy the 3200 but hadn't considered the 5100...I liked the flip out screen on the 5200 but I see the 5100 has that as well.
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    The D5200 is just a newer camera. The D5100 is just its predecessor. If you don't think you need the latest and greatest the D5100 isn't a bad choice.

    The D5200 has 24MP vs 16, and has a more advanced auto focusing system. Otherwise they are basically the same.
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    It also has better video capabilities and HDR built in which I think is pretty cool. I've seen it stated in a few places including wikipedia that it has a built in panoramic mode but I can confirm that it currently does not have that feature. Although I wouldn't be surprised if there will be a firmware upgrade what would include that feature, maybe even in time for the us release. Time will tell.
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    The D5100 has built in HDR as well. ;)
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