D5200 - Buttons Not Responding?



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    I think I can understand how if one is burned twice, the tendency is to switch brands. At this point I would be thinking along one of the mirrorless bodies. Of course one's needs dictate what the equipment is.
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    You have to be careful when you buy on Amazon, they sometimes partner with not so reputable shippers and that would affect you whether you buy Nikon or Canon cameras
    Amazon is fine to use you just have to think about how you buy it like did you take use one or new one and what does the partner say about the Camera and what the Condition and how they gonna send it like " Condition: Used - Like New
    About: New in open box with all accessories, satisfaction guaranteed!
    Shipping: + $6.49 the cheaper the Shipping the bigger chance of it get smash when it get send" i use amazon all the time and as long you look at those 4 thing then you should have no problem at all
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