Secret Life of Walter Mitty...

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Just out of curiosity, has anyone here watched this movie? Quite interesting, you can relate it to today's photographers and those people who worked hard behind the scene for years and then one day just being replaced due to technological comfort and convenience making a point on the old adage "change is the only constant in this world"... And oh nikon F5 was also mentioned in the movie...


  • MikeGunterMikeGunter Posts: 543Member

    I saw it and thought it was terrific and sort of about photographers and photography.

    Without giving anything away, 'I like to savor some things for me,' if I got the wording right - was perfect.

    It might not be relate-able to people who don't work at making pictures; I don't know. It is about the loss image-making - sort of.

    My best,

  • tektradertektrader Posts: 58Member
    It was a wonderful movie, Make me sad in a lot of ways that we have gone digital. But more so that a wonderful magazine like LIFE is gone.

    I think I am going to see it again. The scenery is AWESOME. I need to travel more.
  • crizmancrizman Posts: 27Member
    Loved this movie! i think everyone can relate not just photographers. Looks to me that Sean Penn is shooting with a Nikon F3T. It's a shame that film is dwindling,I thought it would take much longer for digital to surpass in popularity. Well I'm buying the dvd when it comes out!
  • fredfred Posts: 23Member
    + 1 @mikegunter, I do agree, its sort of a movie made for "real" photographers and photography itself. It even showed the great lengths a "real" photographer has to undergo to get a "perfect shot" for him like when he was on top of an airplane to get a great POV for an erupting volcano and waiting days for the elusive cat... I hope Im not giving away anything to those who didnt see the movie yet but my point is those "real" photographers have been replaced by basically anyone who can just take a photo without even thinking of composition at all..@tektrader it is where this movie makes anybody who understands photography sad... @crizman yes I do agree everyone can relate with this movie but the ones who can really understand the message the movie is trying to convey are the "real" photograpers, if you know what I mean :)
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