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    Just a few general comments... I prefer portraits with the subject looking in camera.... a communication with the person looking at the image.

    Street scenes... a very clear subject or evenly managed group. As an example, my way of thinking, here is a scene where each individual has their own agenda, very little concern about anyone else. In my mind, this represents a very real problem in the USA at present, each person focused upon themselves, and what they want when they want it.

    New Orleans_08.04.2016TFL-3

    Of course, each of us as photographers does this.....LOL I saw the image with my biased perspective. To see this, click here and get more detail.

    oh well....
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    I see it from the same "biased perspective" as you and fully agree with the "me, myself and I" attitude far to "normal" in America today. You could do a similar photo of people all looking at their cell phones instead of conversing with each other.
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