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(Sorry I know this has been covered in earlier posts but when I access them they are back on the old forum and I am not logged into that one !! so I can only read posts and not add a reply.)
Anyone know if there is a recent and definitive answer to the problem of the green caste on images on the D800 ?
I have just recently acquired a D800 Jan 2014 and shot a series of portraits using studio flash and the WB set at Auto. (I always shoot RAW and on my D700 that worked absolutely fine requiring only the tiniest tweaking to get the colour right).
This new set of pictures on the D800 though showed a very unpleasant green tinge in their unadjusted state.
OK I can correct that but I am mighty surprised that this seems to be an ongoing problem when it was first brought to the community's attention 2 years ago.

Any updates on this issue or should I go back to Nikon and ask them to sort it out ?
I have dialed in a tweak of my own to the Auto white balance and I will try that out this week, but what if I select a Preset or Kelvin value - will the green re-appear ?


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    Question, a green tint on the LCD panel or the CPU Monitor?

    If it's on the LCD panel, the image is good and does not have an issue. There is a way to adjust the LCD panel to eliminate this green tint.
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  • If you're shooting RAW, then any color or WB setting isn't worth anything anyway.

    But just in case you wanna get it right anyways, Auto WB is surely not the best idea if you're using studio flashes, as it will set the WB according to the modeling light. Use the "flash" setting for quick-n-dirty, or do a custom WB with a gray card, if you're picky.

    On a sidenote, I've never had any green cast issue with my D800, if anything, it would rather be the opposite.

    And as @Photobug mentioned, if you see a green cast on the camera display, check the image on your computer first to see if it's just the camera display or actually the camera (setting).
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    Ken Rockwell recommends setting the White Ballance to M1 to remove the slight green bias.

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  • It's worth checking before doing that... As I said, in my camera, I don't have this problem at all, but most of the time end up setting something to the green side (minus magenta) in post.

    Plus, as @Photobug said, don't trust in the LCD, check on your computer and, more importantly, in your image processing software.
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    The flash setting on my d800 with studio flash results in a horrible cast. . Its way off the mark. My flashes are fine, its definitely the camera. (Bowens ) Custom white balance with a grey card solves the problem. Auto white balance with studio flash is hit and miss. A grey card in the a shot occasionally and then white balance with the picker in light room also solves the problem. You can save the colour setting in light room and use this for future shoots.
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