MB-D12 grip for D800 battery issue

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After a year and a half of good use of my D800 and MB-D12 grip, the later just stopped working.
In fact, all the buttons are working fine, but the inside battery is not seen by the D800.
This is happening whichever battery I use (i have 3) or even the AA battery holder.

Of course i'm out of the one year warranty and Nikon is asking me 275$ for repair...
I did some testing and I'm sur it is a 0.5$ voltage regulator or diod problem, but I can't find the electornic card alone as spare part.
I'm about to buy a cheap 35$ new grip on ebay but I'm wondering if any of you have an idea of the problem or solution ?
I hate not beeing able to repair things.

Also, seeing the difference price between the Nikon and any other brand, and the lack of longevity, this is definitely the LAST time I buy such addons from Nikon.


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    Are all the batteries made by Nikon?
    Did you clean the battery terminals?
    Did you clean the battery contracts in the grip?
    Will the D800 work without the grip in place?
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    I have never heard of Nikon charging that much to fix such a small deal. I would re-check with them on the cost.

    I researched and researched 3-party grips, and all of them have issues with the batteries not showing up, causing err outs and various combinations of which battery must be drained first being an issue.

    Phottix seemed to be the one with the least issues.
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    I just face the same problem a few days back on the D800 with MB12, but when I open the battery holder it seems that the battery is not firmed in it's holder. after putting it back until a click sound than is ok.
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    With Newer grip when the grip is turned on ( switch around the release button) you get no LCD display otherwise fine. No response from Newer...simlar problems with Newer grips on D7100..battery order and LCD will not go below 60 sec on time
  • Like a few more dollars and you could pick up a new one. I brought the pixel grip for 90 bucks and have never had a problem that was 15 months ago. Good Luck with your grip hope you can get it fixed at a reasonable cost.
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