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Tomorrow I w I'll be traveling to Nepal, hoping to get interesting photos there. But the problem is I am not sure which lenses to take because I am also trekking and if ant carry too much weight. I have a D600 and a D3100 and a 70-200mm f2.8 Nikon lens and a 40mm f2.8 Nikon macro and a 17-70 sigma..85mm..:anyways what range of zoom do you thinking ll need best? And have you went there before , what is there to take photos of and what advice do you have ?


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    Me ? I would want to keep the weight to a minimum and the IQ to a maximum
    I would just take the D600 and a full frame, mid range zoon e.g. the 24 -120 f 4 vr
    I would not take the 20 -200 f 2.8 trekking its is just too heavy , but you may be younger and fitter than me
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    1 body, the D600. One lens for scenery/architecture, probably the 17-70. One lens for portraits (incredible faces in Nepal) either the 85 or the 70-200. The 85 will be lighter, but the 70-200 will allow you to stand off a little. Another thing you may want to factor in is the amount of dust. For that reason, I'd be wary of lenses that extended while zooming, due to dust accumulation concerns.

    If it were me, I'd carry my 17-35, my 70-200 and my 50.
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    I would love to take my 85mm f1.8 but I want something with range, I am probably going with both cameras having 17-70 on d3100 and 70-200 on D600 , heavy for a trek..I know..but I'll try to get one of my friends to carry one at points
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    I have not been to Nepal but friends have brought back some stunning landscapes . Do have anything wide you can put on the D600?
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    IIWY I would pay a sherpa to carry everything but the one you are using and then swap lenses as you like. If you go up Everest, you will not want to carry anything.
    Always learning.
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    If you're intent on carrying both bodies (given the weight of the 3300 not the worst idea), I'd consider putting the 17-70 on the 600 and the 70-200 on the 3300.

    If you think about 35mm equivalents, it works out like this:
    Configuration A: a 25-105 on your 3300 and a 70-200 on your 600
    Configuration B: a 17-70 on your 600 and a 105-300 on your 3300

    No overlap and I'm willing to bet that you're going to be shooting more interiors and landscapes than anything else, which is what you'd want to use your better body for anyway.
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    Being a landscape photographer myself, I say put the 17-70mm on the D600, and the 24-120mm on the D3100. Bring both, accept the weight and hassle, and take a ton of fantastic pictures.

    Have a great trip... I AM JEALOUS!
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    As you know, the 70-200 handles like a telephone post. Leave at home. :))
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    Disagree with Benji. Yes the 70-200 is big but the pictures are worth the extra weight.
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    +1. Suck it up, do some extra workouts, or whatever you need to do.
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    I say put the 17-70mm on the D600

    ?? I think this is a DX lens
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  • KillerbobKillerbob Posts: 732Member
    Brainfart on my part... The 17-70mm is indeed a DX lens, in which case I'd put the 24-70mm on the D600 and stick to that.
  • sevencrossingsevencrossing Posts: 2,800Member
    in which case I'd put the 24-70mm on the D600 and stick to that.

    Yup a mid range zoom and the D600 would be my choice
    if you can't afford the 24 -70 or the 24 -120
    I would go with the 24 -85; might not be quite as sharp as others but cheaper and lighter
  • framerframer Posts: 491Member
    24 f1.4, 35mm f1.4, 105 f2 DC and just the D600 body. I'd plan to use all three lenses for panos the 105 perfect for portraits.

  • jamilsjamils Posts: 28Member
    I would have really loved to take a 24-70 but I don't have the money for any more lenses now I've got to stick to the 17-70 even though it's DX and try to make the best out of that ,thank you very much all of you! I really appreciate the help, I was really busy those days to reply and I won't have internet for the next week , I'll update you then with the photos I'll take there , man it's going to be hard trekking with all of that stuff along with my rucksack and stuff.
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    Hi all,

    It's likely too late, but I would make it a DX trip. The best all-round lenses quoted won't work for the D600 (except for the long zoom and 85) and they are heavy for high altitude walking. If jamils can afford someone to schlep his gear, that's one thing, but humping it himself is another. I've been on long treks in the Andes - is gasping.

    Of course, he can take it all, too, if he can pass the pain around. ;-)

    @ jamils - be sure to enjoy your time there.

    My best,

  • jamilsjamils Posts: 28Member
    Hey guys and thanyou Mike for the reply and yes it was unfortunately late, I ended up taking D3100, D600 , Sigma 17-70 and Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VR I, it was pretty heavy to take around but it was worth it..i literally trekked 35K+ across several mountains with my school just for the sake of was pretty worth it though and I used some of my friends help now and then to carry one of the cameras... I've posted the pictures on flickr and some of the results turned out to be really nice, i am not sure if I can do this here but here are some of the photos i took there , I wish I had my 85mm f1.8 with me when I was in the city though...but it would have been a pain to carry along with the existing load
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    Jamils, be sure you share your shots in the Picture A Day thread!
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    Jamils, be sure you share your shots in the Picture A Day thread!
    Yes, for sure. You only have a few shots on Flickr but I am following you in anticipation of seeing more. The few you have are very nice.
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