7100 sale?

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I keep reading that a successor to the 7100 will be either this summer of early fall. Would Nikon typically put the 7100 on sale before then?

I am going to Europe in late June and I have a 3200, but I don't want to wait around for a sale that won't happen. I plan to buy the 7100 before the trip. Thanks.


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    I had a D3200 and later got a D7100 as well. I would get a D7100 the next time you see a good price on it (new or refurbished). You'll want to use it for awhile to get accustomed to the additional controls. However, depending on what you'll be shooting, your D3200 might suit your needs for the trip. Maybe invest in a lens for the trip instead. Try using AutoISO on M mode, programming the Fn key to change ISO, and generally learn all you can about the D3200 before deciding to upgrade.

    My favorite change from D3200 to D7100 is the auto focusing system.
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    I have specific reasons for wanting the 7100. I have no problem with the PQ of the 3200, but I want more features. You bring up another point. I would like to have the 7100 for awhile to get used to it, so I don't want to wait until 1 week before the trip waiting for a sale that never happens.

    What is Nikon's typical MO in terms of sales before new releases? Do they have regular sales? The last time I heard of a 7100 on sale was before xmas for like $800.
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    I think they usually have a small discount around when they announce the next model, but it's probably not going to happen before your trip. You can see how the rumors pan out in the next month. There is a kit sale going on right now, but kits usually aren't much of a deal for most people (unless you like reselling lenses). Maybe a body-only sale will pop up in a month or two. If you see a reputable vendor selling a new or refurbished body for $950 or less (not grey market), I'd snatch it up. Your last chance would probably be a Memorial Day sale (I'm assuming you're are in the U.S.) based on your timeline.

    D7100 kit sale
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    I just received my new refurbished D7100 from Cameta Camera. Just got it out of the box today but it definitely seems good as new. Only 78 actuations on it and a decent price of $919 for body only.

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    I think the D400 will be a D7200 ..just the same as the D7100 but more buffer so no advantage unless you shoot birds ( with feathers) Who wants those terrible so called Pro controls anyway?
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    Sometimes the shape of this new stuff is surprising. How is something "used" with only 78 pix taken with it, if it is was bought before by an individual? Could it be a display model?

    Anyway, thanks for all the answers guys.
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