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Nikon released the beta version of their "successor" to Nikon Capture NX2.
However, to me it looks a lot like a new version of View NX2.
Not that I have a problem with a new free version of the View tool. However, Nikon plans to stop support for Capture NX2 as soon as NX-D is released.
And that's where my problem resides.
Capture NX-D lacks a lot of features (local adjustments, U-Point technology,...) compared to the NX2 version.
This poses a serious problem.
We'll be forced to use the products from another software company.
Now, I love Lightroom (4 and 5) as RAW developers and RAW editing tools but I don't trust Adobe and their subscription based model.
So, it was always good to have an alternative available. I was even planning to buy the next version of Capture NX2 when it was released.

So, if you too are unhappy with the current developments and want to see local editing (and Upoint technology) return I urge you to tell Nikon just what you think of their new product and what features you find missing.
Here is the link:

I just hope that they will be listening...


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