Nikkor 28-300-Test for back/front focus problem?

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I purshaced a brand new Nikkor 28-300 vr FX lens for my D800 and D610 after checking many reviews stating its a good lens however my experience with this lens so far is terrible.

most of the images is out of focus. It has 2 VR modes normal and Active, yet both are nit helping to give better shots, as I suspected that it might be vibration what making the images not so clear.
Im using Afs and afc only.
Mostly this lens is falling to capture any moving object regardless the speed, even turtle is kinda fast for this lens (kidding)

I dont know how to test this lens if it has back or front focus isue, can anyone advise please.

Also what other settings or configuration I can do to fix this problem.

please help
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    You can start by posting pictures with exif data so we can see what your settings are. That is always the first step. Try a few shots at 1/500 sec, VR off of a stationary object.
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    every lens I have has had to have the back focus adjusted ..its not an issue or fault but an adjustment.
    put a ruler at 45 deg to the axis of the lens about 15 ft away and take a shot with flash of the 16 inch mark in single centre focus mode ...view on computer the 16 dead on focus ?? or is 18 spot on and 16 out? move in menu if not.
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