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I'm curious to know is there been any rumors about D800 to be replaced since Nikon announced the D4s. And I mean like D810.. D900 or something like that which holds in new EXPEED 4, native ISO changes etc.
Because I'm long time Canon user but been waiting for now almost 3 years to see something from Canon to fill my needs as landscape photographer but haven't got them yet and that's why I'm going to change camp to Nikon with D800E but now they announced the D4s and I started thinking is Nikon going to replace D800E now with new body in year or two?
Should I go right on or wait to see if changes comes around?

And yeah to be said I'm landscape photographer and needing that extra sharpness to pictures with great ISO performance!
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    I will be quick, before this thread gets closed. Only Nikon know when the D800 will be "upgraded" but my guess is is it will be in a years or twos time, also expect a price rise. The big improvement will probably be in fps and may be radio CLS.
    If, like me , you are in to landscapes, buy a d800 today and enjoy one of the best cameras in the world
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