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I understand that Instagram is simply going to degrade my image quality no matter what. However, that is the easiest place to display my photos to all my friends and family. I can't figure out an effective way to get pictures from my d7100 to instagram without them looking like total crap. At this point I feel like I've looked everywhere and tried everything. I know it is possible because I've seen other people upload fairly high quality pictures with the same camera. Any help is extremely appreciated.
Just incase it helps, I've tried e-mailing the pictures to my phone and using dropbox. I have also tried different sized Jpegs ranging from 500px all the way to full size.


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    I highly recommend using Flickr vs. Instagram. The ability to share your images is quite easy and far more flexible.
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    @Gofl007sd I understand that Flickr is far superior for sharing photos, but a significant amount of my friends aren't going to make a Flickr account just so they can see my pictures. Instagram allows me to share my photos to a higher volume of people. I'd really like to post to both and anyone who cared to see the higher resolution images could simply go to my Flickr. With that being said, I still want my Instagram pictures to look as good as possible.
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    Since Instagram is optimized for mobile, the imported file size for upload is currently very small, just 612x612 pixels (which is an unusual size). Anything larger than this gets re-sized and compressed, probably with an algorithm designed for speed, not quality.

    So you might get better results by manually re-sizing your images to 612x612 on your computer before placing them on Dropbox for the upload.
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    @Ade I've tried this and my results are identical to just uploading the regular sized image. Also after re-sizing the image I still have to crop it on my phone in order to fit Instagram (unless I use an app that fits the whole image and adds borders) and I don't understand why.
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    Are you using android? I had this issue with the HTC One. From memory:
    Go to the settings wheel. There should be option about high quality for camera on phone and disable it.
    On my iphone I dont have thay problem or option so I would suggest doing a google search as that helped me in the past.


    To fit the whole image use an app called square ready
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    Elopez, nobody needs a Flickr account to view your images on Flickr. Just go to the PAD thread and see for yourself. The image quality is startlingly better. Instagram is crap, no self respecting photog would use it. I'd use Facebook before instacrap.
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    Instagram is crap, no self respecting photog would use it. I'd use Facebook before instacrap.
    Really? My instagram feed includes no less than three Pulitzer-prize winning photographers, plus a slew of professionals from National Geographic, etc. I'm pretty sure they give a crap about their photography. :P
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    Instgram is paying them.

    Edit: okay maybe I just am jealous/mad that they got bought for ONE BILLION DOLLARS?!!?? Sheesh...
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    @Vipmediastar_JZ I am using android (galaxy note 2) and I believe your method may have solved the problem. Thank you!
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    I just take screen captures while viewing the image full screen with my phone and upload those to instagram. Works great.
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