Anybody been to Grenada?

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Will I have any issues showing up with several bags of camera gear? I've heard some Caribbean islands can give you a hard time if they think you are a professional even if you are not.



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    I had no issues and should have taken my 400...

    Have fun.
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    Have cleared customs in Panama, Ecuador, and Peru with no issues. Certain places, like Machu Picchu, have a "professional photographer's tax," the enforcement of which seems to be pretty random. I've heard that tripods trigger it. I did once take a bunch of gear to the Galapagos Islands (D90, 12-24, 18-200, 105, 80-400) and the customs agent asked me if I had more than one camera. I said no (which was true) and she shrugged and sent me on my way. Toughest place I ever had with camera gear is entering Israel from Jordan. If the customs agents there had known how to disassemble my 24-70 and 17-35 they would have. As it was they x-rayed each separately and took the time to remove both the lens and end caps in order to peer through to make sure I wasn't using the lenses to smuggle explosives.
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    A friend of mine was there just a couple of weeks ago for bird photography. He traveled with quite a bit of camera gear and reported no problems of that sort to me.
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    (Whoops! Just realized how old this thread is. :) )
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