D800 Image review issue - resolved by reset

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Help... New D800 owner of a refurbished D800 which seems to be OK but for an issue I cannot figure out.

I cannot get it to display the image in the LCD after each shot and when I press the arrow/display button to the left of the trashcan the shot info is displayed (time of shot, shutter speed, etc) but not the image. The info is there but not the image. This same info is displayed after each shot. I can arrow left and right to show 1 of 5 and so on.. I can press the trashcan delete and it indicates the image has been deleted. I can see EVERYTHING but the image itself. I have tried a couple of SD cards so I do not believe that is the issue. To the best of my knowledge all the display settings are correct. I am about to send this back but I obviously want to make sure it is not me.
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