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I recently started using this software and figured if there are others using it we could start a thread to share experiences.
Anyone else using it ?


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    I recently bought this and have used it. It worked very well although some of the instructions could possibly have been clearer.

    I have since loaded AF Fine Tune corrections for all of my lenses (and lens+TC) onto my D800 but I have not really done any critical tests yet to see if they have made an improvement. I have not really noticed any problem with the lenses before but have had oddly inconsistent results with my 16-35mm f4 which interestingly needed the smallest correction factor. The most? My 50mm D f1.8; the others were all well under + or- 10. The zooms were interesting and I placed my loaded corrections up at the longest focal lengths where the depths of field and focus are least. There was though not a huge discrepancy between the focus points at any focal length, so not a critical decision really.

    The biggest surprise was the spread of AF focus on some of the lenses, especially the 16-35 and the fact that the 50mm was the lens needing the most correction. I have always considered it the sharpest lens in my Nikon collection. I have yet to check up on all the settings I have put into the camera (none of them were that far off anyway) and have only used one function of the software.

    I think that the software is very good and takes a great deal of subjective assessment out of judging your lens performance. It was easy to download and use (I am a numpty with computer stuff!). For me, it is peace of mind, in that if I get unsharp images, I know that it is me (or something else) and not the AF fine-tuning of my lenses!
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    Thanks for the detailed reply. I bought the software a month or so ago and used it for the first time yesterday. Like you said the documentation leaves a lot to be desired.

    I was also working on my D800E with the 70-200 2.8 VR2. I did the AFA, AFC, and FP tests. The AFA showed that I didn't need any adjustments. I took about two dozen shots for the AFC and had a couple of points that were way out of the rest. I intentionally took the shots in as rapid succssion as I could to as to be more like reality. I'll go back and redo that one. Then of course since I have the D800 I did the FP test.

    For the FP test I took for shots for each point but only did the center row of focus points. As you would expect the three center points were sharper than the rest. Center was 100 and the other two like 99.8. The rest of the right side points were above 99. The left side points were all just below 99 except for the extreme left point which was a clear outlyer at 97.9. So now what? It is clearly off relative to the others but is that enough to be meaningful? Thus far I haven't found anything to figure out what it means.
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    I suspect that the deviations you are seeing are very small and therefore not meaningfull in reality but I have yet to explore all this further.
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