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I have been reading various comments regarding the D7100 camera and lenses, I am hoping someone can give me advise. I have an older Nikon D60 camera and have a 18-55 lens and 55-200 lens. I am giving my camera to a friend along with the 18-55 but keeping the 55-200.
I need to buy lens for home photos mostly, close ups and also for my kids football games on the field and beach photos. I don't know much and will want to learn. I have read if I get a 35mm lens and a 16-85 mm lens along with my 55-200 I should be all set, is this correct? I am an impulse buyer most times so this will be sort of an impulse buy with some advise. Thanks for any advise.


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    Give the 55-200 away as well. Get the 70-300 instead, much better lens. The DX 35mm f1.8 is a must have for any DX camera. There are many good zoom options in the teens to 70-80mm range to compliment the 70-300, others will likely chime in there.
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    I need to buy lens for home photos mostly, close ups and also for my kids football games on the field and beach photos.
    Those are very different shooting environments and chances are you will really need to prioritize what is most important to you.

    Home photos on DX mean 35 mm or smaller with a maximum of a 2.8 aperture or you will need a flash if you go tiny like 4-5.6 range

    Close ups = macro and those lenses can be expensive depending on what you mean by close-ups. Are we talking bugs on a leaf or just face shots-two very different requirements.

    Kids football games = a nightmare if they are at night. Now you need a super long tele and with a wide aperture (like a 2.8 zoom or long prime). Daytime stick with the 70-300 Ironheart recommended. I would sell you mine if I could as I know its good. But, your 200mm should suffice in the beginning as long as it is during the daytime.

    Beach photos = not sure... Are you talking wide views of the entire beach? Sunset views shooting into the sun? I would pick something for the other shooting scenarios and just use what you find works best at the beach.
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    Personally I was underwhelmed with the 16-85 so I would advise you go for the new 18-140 and the 35, then yes - if you find you actually need something longer, there are some choices for later if you decide you want to continue/need the longer lens.
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    18-140 .. easy choice for you.. covers everything except macro. Well covers macro too if you get a raynox DCR 250 :-) check my posting on it :-) I think the 18-140 was designed for the D7100!
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