Can you tell me what you think of my work please

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Ok I Know this is not camera related but I juat want to know what people think of my work and I own a
Nikon D5100
Nikon 35 1.8
Nikon 18-55
Sigma 70-300 4-5.6


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    Post some photos on the Critique my Image thread and you will get specific comments.
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    @ kiekie, overall your photos look good but as opinions will vary from individual to individual, it pretty much has to be left there without speaking about each individual image. A good recommendation as you progress deeper into photography is to try to target certain genres that interest you most and build a small catalog with several photos in those genres. Once you do that, then process them in your favorite manor so that photos in each genre has a look that suites your vision. Then you will probably get more global constructive opinions on the look of your ... say...lanadscpes, or portraits, or street photography, or black & whites, etc.

    A good exercise is to research and target a few well established photographers and look at their Flickr photostreams or websites to see the similarities and differences from photo to photo.

    Some that I constantly look at are:
    Joel Grimes: composites and portrait processing.
    Joel Tjintjelaar: black & whites and landscapes.
    Emily Soto: her trademark potrait processing.
    Plus several street photographers on Flickr -- many street photographers will only present their work in B&W to remove the distraction of color.

    You seem to be headed down a very creative and visionary path with what you have there so far. Keep it up.
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    I think Donald has the answer. Post a photo on and we will be happy to give a comment or two.

    Other than that I see some images on your Flickr account which are very nice.
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    I quite like your photos!
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