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I am looking for a good photo printer that is cheap and no more that £150 and prints out Af photo paper if would prefer A3 size


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    For Good- Epson Stylus Photo R2000 A3+ but over £400
    For Cheap - Epson Stylus Photo P50 but only A4
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    Epson makes really good printers. I have three of them...

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    Epson makes really good printers. I have three of them...

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    That is true If you print every day.

    I have recently bricked a 4900 which I bought after epson claimed to have solved the nozzle jamming problem, after I bricked the prior one. it is now a paperweight since the heads are not user replaceable and I can buy a new printer for less than the cost of depot repair (and shipping a 150 lb. printer both ways). I ran test patterns every other day to keep the heads clear but it was not enough..

    It fatally clogged when switching from matte to photo black. All manner of cleaning procedures and solutions/ chemicals have failed. My first google search after I had this problem brought up more pages of people in similar circumstances than I could get through, so this is not a fluke, but a design choice on epsons' part.

    It was however when it worked, the best printer I ever used, colors were glorious and consistent.

    My HP Z3100 is only 97% as good but has 0% of the problems.

    If I ran a pro shop where I printed very day and had dedicated printers, and never switched blacks, I would use epson, for home use, never.

    Regards ... Harold

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    If you want good and cheap than the best solution will be to get EPSON L800, it's slightly more expensive than P50 but has much bigger ink cartridges
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    That printer no longer seems to be in production, might be hard to find.
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    The newer Epson XP-750 might be a better value than the P50. They have roughly the same street price (around £150) and uses similar inks based on the 6-color Epson Claria, but the XP-750 comes with convenience features such as Wi-Fi, touch screen, and a built-in scanner (with copier function).

    Both the P50 and the XP-750 are consumer A4 "photo printers" so they are not the best for printing tons of text / business documents, etc.

    The larger XP-950 can print A3 and has a better scanner but is also more expensive at around £250.
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