Retrospective 7 Will my gear fit in it

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Nikon d5100
nikon 35 1.8g dx
nikon 18-55
sigma 70-300
and soon a 85mm 1.8g

Olympus om10 with 50mm 1.8

or should i go with retrospective 10

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  • manhattanboymanhattanboy Posts: 1,003Member
    Retrospective is a shooter's bag.
    Your list looks more like transport to me.
    R7&R10 are big bags but not great for protection.
  • SymphoticSymphotic Posts: 711Member
    The Retrospective 7 includes two dividers. Even stacking some stuff on top of other stuff, it will probably not be practical.. I use the 7 and the 20 for my D800. Since I work in FX, my pieces are a bit bigger, but the 7 will hold the body and three zooms if the longest zoom is mounted the body. I never actually go out with the bag loaded that way, however. Usually I just carry a strobe and two lenses.

    I think the 7 is a great bag: so go ahead and get it, but store your gear in a cool, dry closet or shelf, not a bag. For transport, use a waterproof, hard sided, foam filled case such as a Pelican or Storm case.
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