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Bought a D4s today and noticed that the firmware has two items,
C 1.00 and L 2.003, thought my D4 had A and B. Just wondered what's with the change of letters?
Haven't got ithe D4 anymore so I can't check, but I'm just a little confused and probably wrong!


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    Short answer:

    Older cameras will have: A, B and L.
    Newer cameras will have: C and L.

    Longer answer:

    Nikon cameras conceptually have two different processors, "A" and "B", which can receive firmware updates.

    The "A" processor is used to handle input/output functions.

    The "B" processor is the main "EXPEED" processor which does the image processing and controls the user interface.

    In most Nikon DSLRs, the firmwares for the "A" and "B" processors were packaged for update separately.

    In newer cameras (starting with the D3200 I believe), the the "A" and "B" firmwares are now packaged together as the "C" firmware.

    Additionally, there is a lens database file -- known as the "L firmware" -- used for automatic distortion control.

  • cowleystjamescowleystjames Posts: 74Member
    Very precise answer there Ade, many thanks friend ^:)^
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