Disposal of Novatron Strobe Pack - Question

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Sorry this is a bit odd, but here it goes. I have an "ancient" Novatron strobe pack to get rid of. It's not worth repairing ( to me). I am replacing it with a new pack. This thing weighs approx. 30-40 lbs. Will a recycle center give me anything for it? I don't imagine it selling as it isn't working. Anyone have any ideas? THANKS
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  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    You can try and sell it, people do buy broken gear for repair parts, etc...
    Not knowing where you are in the world I cant comment on local recycling laws, etc..., but usually you either get it taken off your hands for free, or you have to pay. Unless you are recycling something with intrinsic value like gold, or there is a state run thing like glass bottle deposits
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