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Well I have finally bit the bullet and bought the Nikon 200-400 F4 zoom It's the price of a house and weighs more ! I did think that my Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR11 was heavy but now it feels like a 50mm . Well I have joined a gym so as to use the big zoom, if you add the gym fees this is a very very expensive lens. After I get over shooting my feet I will let you know if it was worth it .
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    I rented that lens for a day and loved my time with it. Wish I could afford to add one to my collection. I didn't even mind lugging it around all day. The tripod mount makes for a great carry handle. I tried hand holding it for a few shots. After a few, you realize that you REALLY need support for the lens.
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    @NeilMcR: Welcome to the forum and congrats. You will be amazed what that lens can do. A fellow member here, pitchblack, has shared many of his images with us on PAD taken by that lens. I'm sure as you get more familiar with it and know how to properly frame and compose your shots, the rewards will keep on coming.

    As for the weight, I highly recommend using your new lens mounted on a monopod. Moreover, you may want to consider replacing the foot with one made my RRS, in addition to one of their well engineered heads.

    Looking forward in seeing some of your images on PAD.
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    Wait a minute… iPhone photo of the D4/400/2.8…handheld in the ocean breeze…..

    Photo:Courtesy Jill Lauer

    Eliminates need for visit to the gym that day….LOL
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    Great photo , but you can see that you work out !
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    Thanks, and I would not recommend the for long as it gets very heavy. But, the tripod foot with long ARCA Swiss plate allows carrying it around easily. I was attempting to work on birds in flight….. still trying... LOL
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    The 200-400 was used with a 2x converter for this Nikon Sample image #4. I've enlarged it for a 30x48 gallery wrap (36x54 flat) for a test. No print test yet but will once ink arrives later this week. Taken with a D600 I have to believe a gimbal support was used.
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    Glad you've joined the 200-400 club. I love mine and as time has gone on, I've got more accustomed to holding it.
    One great thing I did, was to order a replacement foot from RRS, not a cheap thing to do in the UK, as the customs hammer you, as does the post office. So it ends up costing about half again.
    But the foot makes a world of difference on the tripod and monopod, which I find I'm using 75% of the time with this lens. It weighs so much more that even my 300 f2.8 feels light in comparison.
    And unlike what others have posted on various forums, I have no problem in getting great images with any of the TC's, even the TC-2.0III.
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    The RRS long lens support makes a big difference with this lens, eliminates micro-vibration at the ring mount.

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