Superzooms - Would You Take One Under These Conditions?



  • manhattanboymanhattanboy Posts: 1,003Member

    Lets take the author of the articles ending statement (he says if he was trapped in a desert with only one lens, it would be his super zoom) to the next level, of a once in a life time trip/assignment.
    If I were trapped on a desert island, I would choose the biggest, longest weather sealed lens possible. Disassemble it and take out all the optics. This should improve the bouyancy to use it as a flotation device. I would then use the converging lenses to start a fire and the diverging lenses to use as a make shift siginaling mirror.

    But then if I were trapped on a desert island, the last thing I would be concerned with is taking pictures. LoL
    Maybe you would want to keep the lens intact to watch for passing ships and know when to try to swim for it LOL.
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