D5300 third party flashes compatibility

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Hi everyone,

I just got a Nikon D5300 and I'm quite disappointed about my Yongnuo YN468-II since the i-TTL/TTL modes don't work anymore; they worked perfectly with my ex-D5100 though. So now I'm looking for a (relatively cheap) speedlight with a (as full as it can) compatibility with D5300 and I didn't find any reviews of i-TTL working flashes...

I was looking for user opinions for Meike MK910, Sigma EF-610 DG ST or Metz 44 AF-1; does anyone here can confirm one of these (under 150$) flashes will work flawlessly with my D5300?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

(and sorry for my bad english.. I'm just.. french! ;) )


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    Well its true that Nikon are getting more anti third party with the firmware upgrades and new models. I had to sell all my current model Sigma lenses as they gave LCD problems with the D7100. Neewer Grips dont work right on D800 and D7100 but all my YN flashes work fine YN 465 and YN 565..a Meikie 3000 also works no problem. If buying 3rd party best to get one with a USB port so makers can re programme .I would write to YN and see what they (dont) say. In the end its going the way of Nikon or nowt.
    You english is perfect !!
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    I've read Metz Mecablitz flashes have USB port, I'll take a closer look to their products (le 44 AF-1 should do the trick for my common use of a speelight);
    By the way, I've ordered the Meike MK910 - SB910 knockoff - for 130$ on Ebay; time will tell if I'm going to be happy with this one!
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    Well if you ordered it on e bay take my word if it dont work send it back and ebay will make sure you get your money back
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