I just got a new Tokina 12-24! Naturally, I have a question.

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For those who have a Tokina that has the push-pull AF/MF clutch:
I find that, when going from AF to MF there are a couple spots where the "clutch won't engage." It's like there are fingers that won't mesh unless I turn the focus ring just a little bit in either direction, then it just drops right in.

I've never had a lens with this feature (and my local shop doesn't carry this line) so I wasn't sure if this is normal or not.

I know of no better place to ask than here--before I take it to the Grand Canyon in about a week. Your thoughts, please?


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    I'm assuming you have the second version of the lens (v2 has a red line above the lens title, vs gold on the v1)? I owned the version 1, I assume they are mechanically similar, and never experienced any issues moving the clutch to switch focus modes. It was a little stiff, but I always viewed that as being a good thing. To me the only downside of the clutch was that focus shifted when you switched from auto to manual.
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    I had the lens and never noticed this, but I don't think I did it much while I had it. Seems like it should be able to switch at any point.
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    I have the lens and while I don't use it a lot, I have never noticed any problems switching from AF to Manual. It might be worth have it looked at.
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    Ditto - I never had a problem, but I think if I did I wouldn't be overly worried. Doubtless there are gears which need to mesh and it is highly likely that you may be able to try to mesh them 'tip-to-tip' which may cause a momentary clash - perhaps if you wiggled it slightly you would feel the gears engage. Or of course you may be not applying a parallel pull on the sleeve which may cause a hang-up. Maybe that is more likely.
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    In the words of the venerable Bugs Bunny, "What a maroon!" And to who (whom?) would I be referring? Me. Folks, I didn't buy the Tokina 12-24, I bought the Tokina 12-28.

    Sheesh, I'm not sure if I just mis-typed or did it subconsciously due to the hours of pouring over the various spec sheets.

    Anyway, probably most of the answers still apply except for PB_PM's query about v1 vs. v2.

    What spraynpray describes is perhaps a better way of describing what's happening: It's like I'm trying to mesh the tips of the gears. And if I do move the clutch a little in either direction it drops into place. I am trying very hard to make sure I pull the focus ring as even as I can, but like I said, this one's all new to me.

    Probably not a problem as the switch does take place? @cbg: If you don't mind me asking, if you try to switch very slowly, might you experience what I describe?

    Oh, and if a mod happens by, please correct my somewhat misleading title.
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    I tried it with my similar 11-16 TOK and although I couldn't clash gears, I could pull the sleeve back skewed and get it to hang up that way, but I had to really 'try' to pull it back skewed, it was alien to me to do it.
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    I took my 12-24 Tokina out and tried but I could not duplicate the problem you were having even if I changed from AF to MF very slowly.
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    Is this the DX version? Is there an FX version? On my copy, the push pull moves smoothly and the AF seems to kick right in. There is a slight thunk when the ring is moved.
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    @michael66 Tokina only makes a DX version of the AT-X Pro 12-24mm F4. Sigma makes a 12-24mm F4 for FX., but there aren't many reviews.
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    All of Tokina's lenses with the clutch mechanism AF to MF do that.
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    Thanks to all of you, and special thanks to people who dug their lenses out to try it. After playing with it some more, I think I might not be doing it right. Since it's brand new I may be over-cautious in the way I'm handling it. Since it seems to be working properly--and the pics seem very sharp, I'm going to take it up to the Canyon and shoot with it for a bit. I'll see how it feels after getting a little bit used to it. If it persists in feeling resistant to setting, I'll send it back, but if I just get a better feeling for it, then I will hold on, at least farther into warranty.
    Again, thanks for your kind feedback.

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    mines a bit stiff and this is the lens on my camera the most but i think i've only ever used the AF maybe 3-4 times, get much better focus doing it manually in live mode and since it's my landscape lens its usually on a tripod
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