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Hi, I have a question about a feature that I think is very important, the Time interval shooting for Nikon 1 cameras. Nikon introduced this feature in the base Nikon 1 models, and then it removed lately for newer models. Now some Nikon 1s have it some do not. For people like me who does timelapes this feature is fundamental. And there is not even the chance to add this by connecting an external intervallometer, as far as I know. I think implementing this feature is not a big deal for Nikon, since it concern mostly the software operating the camera. And for camera like Nikon 1 AW that is thought for action photos in extreme environment it would be an excellent add-on. I wanted to buy the Nikon 1 AW that can I bring with me when I do extreme mountaineering, as the D800 is sometime simply too heavy. But when I found out that no Time Interval Shooting is present, nor the possibility of plugging an intervallometer, I did not buy. I really hope that Nikon will do an upgrade of the AW with this feature. I wrote several time to nikon USA support to ask for it. Any more idea to convince them?
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    Certainly, it's feasible to make an external intervalometer, since there is already an IR remote shutter release that has been copied by 3rd party vendors. But one must really ask, is the market big enough that it's actually going to happen? It seems unlikely to me. If you are asking, is Nikon going to bring the feature back - I think that the entire Nikon 1 system is such that it is completely impossible to extrapolate a logical future feature set of any camera in the system, given the erratic product progression we have seen thus far.

    If you really need that feature, and really want to buy into Nikon 1, you might as well just get a V1. The good news is, they're cheap, and they have the same inherent IQ as the newer bodies in the system.
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