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I am currently using a one-light set up where i am triggering a strobe with a PW Plus. I have the PW receiver plugged on my batterry pack Profoto Acute B and the PW transmitter on my D800. Now I would like to add to the set up my SB700 Flash.
Could someone let me know how to trigger the speedlight along with the strobe? I can't seem to have to working properly.
Do I need to have a PW receiver also plugged to my speedlight? (via PC Connector?) - can't i trigger it wirelessly? Thanks for your help,


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    The SB-700 can be fired by another flash wirelessly, regardless of brand, if set to SU-4 mode. If it is being fired by another Nikon flash in CLS mode, just leave it on the normal remote mode.
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    You probably need a second Pocketwizard. I have three FlexTT5s and a AC3 Zone Controller. One FlexTT5 goes on top of my D800, with the AC3 on top of that. Then I attach the other two FlexTT5s to my two SB-910s.
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    +1 to @PB_PM's suggestion to set the SB-700 into SU-4 mode. But it's not always possible.

    (I own an AcuteB2 and shoot wirelessly with SB-900s all the time).

    To use the flash in SU-4 mode:

    1. Go into the menu and change the 'Remote' option from 'Advanced' to 'SU-4'
    2. Turn the Off/On switch to 'Remote'. The LCD should display 'Remote SU-4'.
    3. Turn the flash mode selector (left side of the LCD) to manual (M)
    4. Set the flash power setting from 1/1 to 1/128

    Now whenever the AcuteB fires it will trigger the SB-700 to fire as well. Try it!

    SU-4 mode works by using the SB-700's built-in optical sensor (similar to the Slave mode on your AcuteB). You can see this sensor as the small circular window above the battery compartment.

    If possible, orient this sensor towards your AcuteB since the SB-700 will not fire if it cannot see the flash from the main light. Typically this happens if you put the Speedlight inside a soft box, or anything else that blocks light from the main flash.

    In that case, you may want to get another PW to trigger the SB-700. Unfortunately the SB-700 does not have a PC-connector. You'll need to get a hotshoe to PC-sync adapter, plus the PC cable itself to connect to the PW.
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