WU-1b adapter for D600

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My brother in law got this for me for Christmas. I was really excited to get it but am left disappointed after setting it up.

For some reason, I had it in my head that I would be able to adjust the exposure settings from my iPhone. Its basically just a live view remote, which is still pretty cool. I just had something amazing built up in my head and it turned out just to be "pretty cool".
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  • Given how cheap it is, it is still pretty cool. If you buy the Camranger (300$US), you do get some more functionality but, unless I am doing it wrong, the only time you get Liveview on your iPad, is when you ask for Movie Mode! This is a bit odd.
  • I was wrong! You CAN use live view and not just Movie mode. I overlooked an icon. This makes CamRanger super useful.
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    CamRanger has it's advantages, but also some, well, less cool things.
    • with a D800 it makes a big difference, if you put the little knob on the back from photo-liveview to movie liveview.
    • Focus stacks are cool. At first. Then I thought, why can' I see the first and last focus point to see if I plan enough steps?
    • with D7000, focus stacks are even more tricky. Needs manual mode (and the dial should be set into it, you can't change aperture because of liveview and the shutter times are limited as well (not longer than 1/30, I'm not sure)
    • With an iPad 1 there's not enough RAM space to view even JPGs (out of D800 and D7000) - but that's not CamRangers fault.
    @ben_v3: is the WU-1b not Android only? Is there an iOS app as well available? So Nikon kept it's promise?
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    @JJ_SO: There is indeed an iOS app. Since this was a gift Ill be keeping it, but if I had bought it my self I would have returned it.
    D600 | AF-S 24-70mm 1:2.8G ED | AF 20mm 1:2.8 D | SB-800
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