Which is best among Nikon D3100 and D3200?

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I am planning for my first DSLR.

Through i got some suggestions to go for D3100, though when checked i saw for some additional 4K i can get D3200 which have 24.2MP, whereas D3100 have only 14.2MP.
Can you please share your experience which is best among this?

additional to that can you please tell me which one is good in video? I need to shoot Full HD videos as well apart from images...


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    Tina; I suggest you look first at the current generation Nikon cameras. Both the D3100 and the D3200 are old products which have been replaced. They are just on the shelf in some camera stores because the old stock has not been all sold out. The current camera in that category is the D3300. If you can afford it buy the D3300 and also look at the D5300 and the D7100. The best of these three is the D7100; but it may be above your budget and you many not need quick access to all the controls it offers. This is not to say the D3100, the oldest and most outdated, is not a good camera; it is. You can take great photos with a D3100. I did. I just wouldn't buy one now because it was replaced by the D3200 which itself has been replace with the D3300. Start with the most modern version in this category, the D3300, unless your budget doesn't all for it.
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    Other than built in Wifi the D3300 has no real advantage over the D3200. Don't waste your money unless you really need that feature.
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    The main difference between the D3100 and the D3200 besides the 16MP vs 24MP is the D3200 does 1080p @ 30fps vs 24fps on the D3100. Also the D3200 has an external mic jack for better sound capture for movies. They are not drastically different other than sensor size.
    I like this site for quick comparisons:
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    You mean resolution, the sensor size is the same... ;)
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    Size measured in pixels, not inches :P
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    I have a D7100 now but I enjoyed my D3200 while I had it for a year. Good thing about older models is the refurbished deals. If you get a D3200, be sure to program the Fn button for adjusting ISO.


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    I own and have recommended the D3200 as the perfect entry level camera. However with the D3300 out I would buy that over the D3200. Only reservation about the current D3300 I have is the collaspable lens 18-55VR, it is actually an amazing lens, but I prefer the D3200 non-collapsing lens. Probably should buy a second lens at the same time like the 55-300VR if you may head that way due to the two lens savings! Do not even think about buying a D3100 as there are WAY too many upgrades to the D3200. Make sure you get a kit lens 18-55VR when you buy as just recently the camera (D3300) became available without the kit lens. Make sure you don't miss out on that TREMENDOUS value lens. The D3300 has Expeed 4 processing WHICH IS an Upgrade from D3200. I will be using my D3200 though for years.
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    My son and his wife shoot the D3100 and our daughter the D3200. Daveyl is right with his comments, buy the D3200 over the D3100. Bid difference, IMHO.

    My personal opinion, buy the D3300 unless it's above your budget. Before giving up on the D3300, check for refurbished D3300 models from Nikon, B&H and others. That will save you some $$$. If that is over budget go with the D3200. There are good deals on it right now.
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