NRW files won't open in CNX2 or View NX2

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Purchased a Coolpix P7700, which uses the new NRW RAW format. On both of my 64 bit Win 7 computers (laptop, desktop), these file won't open in either Capture NX2 or View NX2. Have current versions loaded. Nikon support is useless. Anyone else have this problem? Resolved this problem?


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    Don't use Nikon software, that's my solution. :))
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    Did you install the version of View NX2 that came with the camera? NRW was introduced with the P7000 I believe. Also there is a codec you can install:
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    Do what Ironheart said, or you probably need to update your software.
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    I have been using CNX2 for a while with my D300S before buying the P7700. I updated the software to 2.3.5, but it still does not work. Also uninstalled and re-installed. The Nikon NRW codec allows previews in the Windows Explorer preview pane, but does not fix the problem. The error message is "Cannot load file: C:\....".

    Thanks for reading and for your comments!
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    rosario at nikon update 2.3.5 it says Please upgrade View NX 2 to version 2.2.4 or later for use with this version of Capture NX 2. The latest View NX 2 is version 2.7.1. It may work after those downloads.
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    If you transferred the pics to your computer with the older version of Trnasfer or ViewNX2, you might still not be able to open them even if you installed the newest version of ViewNX2 ( version 2.7.1 per jan 15 2013...), so you might need to re-transfer those pic from your camera..
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    DutchNikon and Parke1953,
    Wow, you guys were spot on. I did upgrade the the new View NX2, as I did see this was recommended with the new version of Capture, but that did not work. I did not know that Nikon Transfer is now inside View NX2. So I uninstalled Nikon Transfer, upgraded View NX (I tried the 32 bit version to see if that would work) and then it worked. A problem remains, however, that my orignial NRW images are no longer on my camera. They are on my computer, tranferred with the old version of Transfer. Any ideas? :)
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    You didn't mention the use of the Nikon transfer tool, or a light may have gone off. There was a thread a while back about the D800 files getting corrupted by the old standalone transfer tool (which everyone should delete):

    The bottom line is they need to be uncorrupted:

    You might need to reach out to this guy for a NRW version.
  • Version just worked on my files corrupted by old Nikon Transfer which turned Nef into NEF/Nrw. Thank you for the help!!!!!!!!! Can't figure out why it wouldn't be on the Nikon usa site since its their problem.
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