Nikon Micro SD card is in RAW file system

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I don’t know why my Micro SD care is displayed as RAW file system on my computer, when I try to transfer some photos to my computer. When I click it in My Computer, a error message would be given and ask me to format it before using. But, I also clearly know the formatting process can clean everything there. So, is it still possible for me to get back my photos? Do you have any suggestions for me to get back my photos? Thanks a lot!


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    That often depends whether you’ve saved anything new on this formatted Micro SD card.
    If you do not do such things, you also can try to rescue your wanted card photos back with the help of some data recovery software, like Recuva, 4Card Recovery, iCare Data Recovery Free, PhotoRec and more.
    Here are some steps for you to get them back with success:
    1). Do not overwrite or format this card before data recovery.
    2). Insert this card to computer and use your selected data recovery tool to scan it deeply.
    3). Save and back up all restored photos on another card or drive in case of data loss.
    4). Format this card to fix its RAW file system problem.
    PS: Never try to format a card without data backups again.
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    You’d better not keep on using this formatted Micro SD card for a while and try to rescue your left photos back with some data recovery tools, such as TestDisk, iCare Data Recovery Free, Recuva, EaseUS Data Recovery, etc.
    Note: You should not save all restored files on the same Micro SD card.
    You should always upload your Micro SD card files to your computer timely.
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    Possible causes of ‘RAW file system’ are:
    1 The memory card can not be recognized by the computer’s operating system correctly. It is recommended to connect it to other computers.
    2 The memory card is virus infected. It is needed to kill the virus first.
    3 The card reader is broken. Try another card reader.

    4 The memory card file system is damaged. If this happens, then the safest solution is to:
    1) Perform data recovery. Recover lost images from your SD card using professional picture recovery tools. It is recommended to use several data recovery tools to scan your memory card in order to maximize recovery of lost files.
    2) Format the SD card on your Nikon camera. If there is no data recovery tool that can identify the memory card, then you have to format it. Note: You’d better use your Nikon camera to format the SD card, instead of using a computer to format it. This is to avoid incompatibility issues.
    3) Perform data recovery again. This is to confirm whether it can retrieve more missing files from the card after formatting. This is also a key step of recovering files from logical corrupted (file system damaged) card.
    Good luck to you!
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